Instructions for Washing the Correct and Effective for Acne Skin

Instructions for Washing the Correct and Effective for Acne Skin

It seems very simple and no one noticed but washing the face is an indispensable step in the process of caring and treating acne. The proper washing will help remove dirt, sebum and bacteria accumulated on the skin surface. Thereby unclog pores, preventing the formation and growth of bacteria inside the acne. However, not everyone knows how to properly wash their face for acne skin. Therefore, we bring the following article to solve the above problem and help you learn more useful information, the best acne skin care every day. Reference now offline! Washing the face properly for acne skin needs to note the following.

Instructions to wash your face properly for acne skin

To wash your face properly, you must follow these steps:

Clean your skin, to avoid bacteria on the hands attack acne spots on the face

Instructions for Washing the Correct and Effective for Acne Skin1

Wash your face with warm water or steam to enlarge pores, easily for the active ingredients of the cleanser to penetrate deep into the skin and promote the effect.

Give a small amount of cleanser and create a lather, then apply to the face and massage in a clockwise direction for 1 minute.

Pay attention to massage more and more carefully in areas of forehead, nose, chin where lubricant often accumulates and prone to acne.

Wash off with tears, using a soft cotton makeup remover or clean cotton towel to gently pat dry.

After washing the face for acne skin, you can wait about 1-2 minutes and continue to perform the next steps in the skin care process such as applying special acne serum or moisturizer. By this time, the skin is ready to absorb all the necessary nutrients, regenerate and repair damage. In the process of washing your face, you should perform the operation gently.

Because rubbing too hard can cause the blisters to break, become sore or hurt. In addition, the strong impact on the skin also causes the skin to be dry, tight, losing moisture balance, leading to irritation of the oil glands, producing more sebum. Do not use too hot water when washing your face, in addition to causing burns, the moisture in the skin will be evaporated, the skin may be dry and quickly age. In case of makeup, you should use makeup remover suitable for your skin to remove all remaining cosmetic residues on the skin. Next wash your face to clean acne skin properly.

How many times a day to wash acne skin 1 day is the right way?

Washing your face is not clean, too little every day will cause the skin to clog pores, causing acne. Too much washing your face can cause the skin to lose its outer protective layer, dehydrated, become dry, tight and irritable. So how many times a day to wash acne skin?

Instructions for Washing the Correct and Effective for Acne Skin

The answer is 2 times in the morning and in the evening. Wash your face in the morning to remove impurities that the skin regenerates throughout the night, preparing for the day.

Wash your face in the evening to remove the dirt, sebum that exists on the skin, help the skin to clear, have time to rest and regenerate after a long day.

What kind of facial cleanser should be used for acne skin?

This is also one of the issues to keep in mind to apply the right way to wash your face for acne skin. Because cleanser is very important, deciding whether to remove all dirt and sebum on the surface while ensuring safety for the skin.   For acne-prone skin, you should consider choosing products with ingredients such as: Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, tea tree essential oil, … very good for acne treatment process.  Besides, do not pay attention to the form of cleanser, should not be too much foam, particles, cleansing properties because can damage sensitive acne skin. Priority should be given to light, natural and skin-friendly products.

Cleansers with an average pH of 4.5 – 7.0 are also quite suitable for acne skin. Should choose products from reputable brands, get good reviews from customers.

The above are important notes when you wash your face properly for acne skin. Hope you can refer and proceed to take care of your sensitive skin in the most scientific way.

However, washing your face is just one part of your daily skin care routine. If you want to treat acne thoroughly, do not forget to contact Dr. Hue Clinic & Spa to be consulted by the doctor the most appropriate method.