8 Effective At Home Remedies for Acne

8 Effective At Home Remedies for Acne

8 Effective At Home Remedies for Acne

Are you suffering from moderate to serve acne condition? As a previous chronic acne sufferer, I know how embarrassing it is to have acne on face. It damages not only look of the face but it also destroy confidence level. When I had acne on my face just above  my left eyebrow I tried different creams without success. It does not really matter what your doctor, pharmacist or dermatologist say about your acne the real fact is that the real permanent treatment for acne lies in natural remedies. I tried different creams to remove my acne with temporary success but the permanent solution hidden inside at home remedies. But, on other side you need to understand if one at home remedy works for one person that does not mean it works for you as well because there are different types of skin and one home remedy does not work for everyone.

When it comes to acne there is lots of misconceptions about the causes of acne. You may know skin is the largest organ of the body but do you know that 70% of skin is consists of water. The main reason for acne infection is the blockage in two pores that exist inside the skin. When these pore get block then impurities creates acne and other skin problems. The acne creams that available over-the-counter does not remove impurities from these blockage, they only remove the symptoms of acne and reduce the effect of acne but after sometime you will again get acne in your face. If you want to say ‘Good Bye’ to acne forever then you must need to use home remedies because home remedies remove acne from its root and give you acne-free and glowing skin.

Some proven at home remedies for acne are:

8 Effective At Home Remedies for Acne


You may know garlic is the best home remedy for treating acne but you may not know that you can eat seeds of garlic for acne treatment. Many people used garlic for acne treatment by applying them on acne directly but there are very few people that eat raw seeds of garlic to remove impurities from their blood stream. If you want to remove acne from your face permanently then you have to eat garlic at least once or twice per week. Garlic contains antioxidants which remove impurities from blood stream.

Tree Tea Oil:

Another very important at home remedy is tree tea oil. It is derived from melaleuca alternifolia and it is used in many acne creams and lotion. Tree Tea oil is used by people since many years with success but it is important to remember if tree tea oil is used in its undiluted form then it create redness on skin.

Green Tea:

8 Effective At Home Remedies for Acne

Green tea is another very popular at home remedy for acne. According to research green tea is second only after water which is drink by people all over the world. Green tea is very popular for a reason and that is green tea is very rich in antioxidant and contains treatment for numerous health diseases including acne. You can either apply teabag of green tea directly to your acne affected area or you can drink green tea to remove impurities from your blood stream. According to the test result by American Academy of Dermatology if any acne cream contain only 3% of green tea extract, the results if far more better than the creams containing 4% benzyl peroxide. This is because many creams contain green tea extract as a key ingredient but for best results I suggest using green tea directly.

Aloe Vera Extract

8 Effective At Home Remedies for Acne

Aloe Vera extract is best for treating acne from its roots. The extract of Aloe Vera is the best for every type of skin. This extract of Aloe Vera contains some anti-inflammatory which remove acne and also remove its scar. Aloe Vera is also used by the people that want to get rid of acne scar. Before the discovery of Aloe Vera extract benefits, treating acne scar is one of the most difficult task but now people with acne scar easily get rid of acne scar by applying aloe vera gel on their affected skin. There are some acne creams and lotion that contain Aloe Vera Extract as key ingredient but for best and natural results I recommend using fresh Aloe Vera gel.

Strawberry Leaves:

Strawberry leaves are another very important at home remedy for acne treatment. Strawberry leaves are discovered from the history of Ancient Egyptians. People in Egypt use wet strawberry leaves and gently rub them against the affected area of acne. Beside acne, wet strawberry leaves can be used for removing other types of skin problems.

Sandalwood Oil:

Sandalwood oil is being used by numerous people for increasing glow and brightness in the skin but on other hand sandalwood oil can be used for treatment of acne and other related acne problems.

Burdock Roots:

Rushed burdock roots if applied directly to acne affected area are one of the best ways to combat against acne and other skin problems.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is the god-gifted product for treating acne and its roots. The most important benefit of coconut oil is that you can use it at your comfort. You can either use in cooking food or you can use it in your drink or smoothie and also you can use coconut oil in your face mask. I highly suggest using coconut oil inside face mask for at least once or twice per week. But before applying face mask you must wash your face gently. Keep face mask on your face for at least 20-25 minutes and then gently wash it with warm water. Coconut oil in face mask absorbs all impurities, dirt and dust from your face and gives you acne-free glowing skin.

These are proven at home remedies for acne that remove acne from its roots. Based on research, Mike Walden revealed a secret at home remedy that working for so many people. Read my Acne No More review to find out more about it.


If you want to remove acne from your face permanently then you have to remove impurities from your body. Acne creams and lotions never provide you permanent solution because they work only on symptoms but on other hand when you apply these at home remedies, you will get rid of acne forever.